Meet Oneya D’Amelio, the ultra popular TikToker known for his ‘angry reactions’

A TikToker is spreading positivity with his “angry reactions.” 

Oneya Johnson, aka @angryreactions and Oneya D’Amelio, has amassed a huge TikTok following with his hostile facial expressions. Johnson plays off stereotypes about the perception of Black men as a way to push back against them and bring some joy to social media. Johnson grabs his audience with his standoffish, mean-mugging face, then breaks the tension by shouting uplifting and affirming messages. 

Who is Oneya Johnson, aka @angryreactions, on TikTok? 

Oneya Johnson was born on Mar. 14, 1998, in Jackson, Miss. He currently resides in Lafayette, Ind. He and his ex-girlfriend Jillian have two children, though he is private about his personal life. 

Johnson’s very first video went viral in 2020, and, in 24 hours, he earned 1 million followers. He currently has 25.3 million followers. 


#duet with @bobbysrey that cake is beautiful. #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – sreya

In the video, Johnson reacted to a clip featuring a cake-maker unsure about their decorating abilities. Johnson called their cake “gorgeous” and demanded to know who was being mean to them. 

“Who’s being mean to you? Who? Who says your cake looks like s***? You point ’em out because your cakes look good!” he said

Johnson came up with the idea for his channel to play off of how people perceive him versus reality. 

“I basically took how the world sees me, and how I really am, and just matched it together,” Johnson told BuzzFeed News. “If I passed you on the street, and I don’t say a word, I look like the angriest person in the world. But when you actually get to know me, I’m actually a really positive person.”

He used to be unhoused.

Most of Johnson’s early videos were recorded from the car he lived in. At the time, he was wrongfully evicted from his home and struggled to find housing. Luckily, his success on TikTok has made it possible for him to find a place of his own. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $3 million. 

He shared his weight loss and body acceptance journey. 

Johnson has consistently dueted videos of himself to show all the progress he has made to feel confident in his skin. 


I’m posting more angry content after this.

♬ Mariah Carti – Jackhaze

In late 2021, he seemed to be pleased with his transformation and showed off his new look.

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