Onlooker spots dozens of sharks swimming near the shore

A woman captured a harrowing scene on camera at the Gulf State Park Pier in Gulf Shores, Ala.

In August, TikTok user Michaela Hallmark was working at the pier when she looked over at the water and spotted dozens of sharks. She had “never seen so many sharks,” so she decided to take a video.

“There are a lot of sharks out today, as you can see,” Hallmark says in the video as she pans over the Gulf waters. “I counted about 45 total so far and they’re just all in big groups.”


I filmed this last week on the Gulf Shores Pier where I work. Never seen so many sharks! #shark #beach #fyp #Jesus #foryoupage #share

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“Be careful,” she warned fellow users in the Gulf Shores area.

After seeing how close the sharks were to the shore, many people expressed their concern and fear in the comments.

“Literally my worst nightmare,” one person said.

“Scary,” another user added.

“This is why I don’t go in the water,” a third user noted.

However, some people weren’t all that surprised by how many sharks were hanging out near the shore, as apparently this is relatively common in Alabama.

“I was there three weeks ago and we saw 10-12 every morning from the beach,” one person noted.

“I live here and this is most days,” another user said.

Ritchie Russell, owner of Russell’s Coastal Fishing in Orange Beach, backed this statement. In an interview with Alabama Living, he noted that “in late spring and summer, we see so many blacktip and spinner sharks around the Gulf State Park Pier that people can hardly reel in a big fish without a shark biting it.”

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