Man responds to backlash for supporting his wife’s OnlyFans account

While working on his taxes, a TikTok user found himself questioning what sort of things were tax-deductible, as many people do. His question was a bit more unconventional than most, though, because his wife is bringing in money from her OnlyFans account.

“When your wife has an OF and now you have to be an actual accountant,” user @iboughtarock wrote in the video, referencing the “accountant” euphemism TikTokers use to describe sex work in order to skirt the platform’s community guidelines.

As OnlyFans, a site that allows creators to upload X-rated content for paying subscribers, becomes more popular thanks to celebrities and viral social media posts, online sex work is becoming more normalized to the point at which questions about what sex toys count as business expenses aren’t that unusual. For the record, according to the official IRS website, self-employed folks can consider any expense that is “ordinary and necessary” in their industry as tax-deductible.

Responses to that post from @iboughtarock, whose name is Craig, varied from helpful tax advice for the amateur accountant to criticism for his casual support of his wife Chloee Mae’s OnlyFans account.

Some of the detractors encouraged Craig to “get a divorce.” He fired back at many of the comments of the original video, as well as his follow-up, with good-natured comebacks.

“That’s not your wife bro, that’s everyone’s wife now,” one commenter said on TikTok.

“It’s ‘our wife’ now comrade,” Craig responded.

“I feel bad for him,” another wrote.

“Thanks man. I have been having a stressful week. It’s nice to know someone cares,” Craig joked.

Others praised him for having his wife’s back.

“Thank you for being a supportive husband. You’re both lucky to have such a supportive relationship,” a user said.

Craig told In The Know that being supportive of Chloee’s ventures comes naturally to him and that he’s “honestly a little bit confused” about the response he’s been getting online.

“There’s no part of my brain that would allow me to not back her 1000% when she’s that vulnerable,” he said.

Craig said the couple plans to use their earnings from OnlyFans to finance “a mommy makeover” for Chloee, who had been feeling “self-conscious about her body” after having three kids with him. Though both of them are featured on the page, Craig said Chloee is “more exposed.”

The couple has been together for four years — they met when Chloee was a dancer at a strip club and Craig was working as a freelance designer and consultant. On her first day at work, he was working on a photo shoot for the club’s website and invited her to join.

“After talking all night, we’ve been inseparable ever since,” he said.

Chloee was going to get out of sex work entirely after reporting an instance of alleged revenge porn. Craig said they were “dismissed” by the police and ignored by the site where the images appeared. Craig said they convinced members of the message board where the nonconsensual photos appeared to mass report the images and, in return, posted her current, legal and consensual shots.

“They tried to shame me with my own body, and nobody gets to use my body as a weapon but me,” Chloee said, according to Craig.

Craig said he knows this type of dynamic won’t work for every couple, and he doesn’t necessarily disagree with some of the criticism he received.

“We fully understand that what’s in-bounds in our relationship just won’t work for everyone and dismissing those concerns by calling them insecure isn’t helpful at understanding why this sort of thing works for some and not others,” he said, addressing some of the hateful comments he received.

Ultimately, the viral post didn’t just drum up buzz for the OnlyFans account — it “kicked off a debate on the nature of masculinity and what defines a relationship.”

All in a day’s work for an “accountant.”

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