TikTok is freaking out over a life hack that shows the ‘real’ way to eat English muffins

Are you really supposed to open an English muffin with a fork? According to this hack, the answer is yes.

It’s the latest TikTok hack to spark massive debate after claiming to show the “real way” to accomplish an everyday task. In recent months, users have posted videos showing how people apparently misuse airplane pillows, hot dog buns and even parking spots.

The English muffin hack, if it’s fair to call it that, spread widely thanks to user @sidneyraz. The TikToker, who goes by the name Sid on social media, has drawn almost 3.5 million views with his clip about the actual way to open an English muffin.

“Here’s something I wish I’d known before I was in my 30s,” Sid says in the video. “You’re supposed to open up English muffins with a fork?”


the result is upsetting ##inmy30s ##englishmuffins

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Sid proceeds to examine a pack of Thomas’ Original English Muffins, realizing the instructions say to “split using a fork.” Then, he tries it himself.

“This is gonna be perfect. This is perfect,” Sid says while opening the muffin.

According to the Thomas’ Original English Muffins website, it’s better to use a fork to split open an English muffin because it helps preserve the texture. Knives, the brand claims, will even out the “nooks and crannies” that make English muffins so distinct.

The company adds that you can also use your hands to pull English muffins apart. However, plenty of home chefs claim that the fork method works best.

Based on the reactions to Sid’s video, it’s clear that plenty of TikTokers had never even thought to open an English muffin with a fork.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me?” one user wrote.

“What on earth is this trickery?” another added.

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