Optical illusion house baffles TikTok

A spinning optical illusion house is distracting drivers and baffling TikTokers.

TikTok user Hazel Ann uploaded a clip of her driving by the illusion. The video has since accumulated over 1.6 million views.

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“This spinning optical illusion house always trips me out,” Ann wrote in the caption.

As Ann drives by the house, it looks as though the house is spinning in the same direction as her car.

“I would simply crash every time,” one user commented.

“It’s so cool but why put something that distracting that you know drivers are going to stare at,” another pointed out.

“I watched this so many times and I have no idea what I’m seeing,” another said.

The house is located near an airport near Sydney and was created by artist Regina Walters in 2009. The house, called “Camoufleur,” is a recreation of an airplane hangar and a 1940s home in black and white. Walters used camouflage and 3D optical illusions to make the house seem like it rotates when you drive by.

TikTok seems to be a fan of those optical and auditory illusions. Content creator Michael McBride posted a video of an auditory illusion that drew over 6 million views and resulted in hundreds of confused comments.

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