Man cheers up ‘gloomy’ orangutan in unexpectedly sweet moment

A man and an orangutan shared a sweet moment through a glass window at Shanghai Wild Animal Park. 

On June 1, while visiting the zoo in China, a man noticed the orangutan was looking “gloomy.”

He leaned in to kiss the ape, who was sitting in front of the window, and, to his surprise, the orangutan returned the gesture. The man and the ape exchanged multiple kisses on either side of the glass.

Orangutans are highly intelligent apes with many similarities to humans. In fact, the name “orangutan,” which has roots in Malay and Bahasa Indonesian, translates to “person of the forest.” In Indonesian mythology, orangutans can speak but choose not to in order to avoid being forced into labor — very relatable.

Meanwhile, baby orangutans cry when hungry or hurt and smile at their mothers. The apes can express a spectrum of emotions including happiness, fear and surprise. They even laugh similarly to humans and pass down knowledge from generation to generation. The creatures are very capable, and they even craft and use tools for finding food and water.

Moreover, orangutans share 28 physical traits with humans, which is 21 more than gorillas and 26 more than chimpanzees, according to Reader’s Digest. It’s no surprise that when a human looks at an orangutan, they may see a bit of themselves, and vice versa!

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