Woman says Oreos and sour cream is the ‘greatest food combination of all time’

A TikToker’s bizarre snack combination has people talking. 

Our favorite foods can be very personal. Sometimes, the meals that bring us the most comfort are a little unconventional. Who hasn’t dipped their fries in ice cream or a milkshake to see what happens? TikTok is a great place to get ideas for interesting food combos like pickles and peanut butter or mustard and watermelon

However, user Maddie Goetz created some waves when she suggested a food pairing that seemed out of left field — preaching the unsung deliciousness of Oreos and sour cream. 


“Are you talking to us?” Hahha

♬ original sound – Maddie Goetz

“Coming at you guys with the greatest food combination of all time: Oreos and sour cream,” Goetz exclaimed. “It’s so good. Don’t knock it untill you try it.” 

She separated the pieces of an Oreo with red filling and used one cookie to scrape the cream off the other and eat it. She sandwiched the cookie once again before dipping it into a tub of Daisy sour cream and taking a bite. 

“Take a pregnancy test,” someone suggested of her unusual craving. 

“I cannot defend this one, bestie,” another joked

“Tastes kind of like Oreo cheesecake. She’s not wrong about it being good,” a user commented

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