4 easy steps to de-clutter and organize your bathroom

Need to organize your bathroom? If you’re anything like me, your self-care products have been working overtime the last couple of months. So why not give your self-care products a little extra care too?

In The Know’s Phoebe Zaslav had the same thought in mind when she buckled down to organize all of her toiletries. Hoarders, do not fear, the process is painless and ultimately will leave you feeling more knowledgable about what you have.

“I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time,” Phoebe says in the video. “I have a lot of miscellaneous items that I’ve accumulated over the years and I mostly just keep them in random boxes or drawers.”

Beauty products expire faster than you think — so if you’ve been holding onto a certain nail polish color or lipstick for that one perfect moment the last three years, it’s likely it’s gone bad already.

But, as Phoebe points out, it’s easy to forget what you have when you have so much stuff and you can’t see it all out in front of you.

Phoebe declutters her products in four simple steps.

1. Dump everything out and lay it in front of you.

You may not even realize what you have. Plus, Phoebe advises that cleaning the products will give them a rejuvenated look and might make them more enticing for you to use (if they’re not expired).

2. Separate everything into categories.

Phoebe makes generic labels — “Hair,” “Vitamins,” “Body Care,” etc. — and puts every product where it belongs.

“The key to organization is to have a place for everything and to keep everything in its place,” Phoebe says.

3. Find storage containers.

“I really didn’t want to spend a ton of money on my storage tools,” she says. “So I made a huge effort to try to find items that I already had around the house.”

Think: Mason jars, empty candle containers or a broken French coffee press from a thrift shop.

4. When putting products away, try to put similar items together.

“I like to keep all the products that I use in the same way in the same spot,” Phoebe explains. “For example, if I’m looking to moisturize, I know to look in the ‘body’ section.” Which, for Phoebe, is the bottom shelf of her bathroom caddy.

Phoebe finally tops off her reorganization with a little succulent because, remember, this is all about self-care.

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