Oscar Isaac confirmed as Solid Snake for ‘Metal Gear Solid’ film

Oscar Isaac will be playing Solid Snake in Sony’s upcoming Metal Gear Solid film.

Sources close to the project broke the news to Deadline. In the past five years, Isaac has had a prolific career with major roles in legacy franchises such as Poe Dameron in Star Wars, Apocalypse in X-Men, Gomez Addams in The Addams Family, Miguel O’Hara (the Spider-Man of the Earth-928) in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Duke Leto Atreides in the upcoming Dune reboot.

Now, Isaac will be playing one of the most legendary video game characters of all time.

Solid Snake is a gaming icon. The stealthy commando made his first appearance in 1987 with the release of Metal Gear to critical acclaim, but was still largely unknown to western audiences for a long time. That changed a decade later.

Metal Gear Solid propelled Snake into video game superstardom and cemented the Metal Gear series as a powerhouse property. The game was showered with praise for being one of the first “cinematic” video games thanks to its slick art and revolutionary design. It’s regularly cited as one of the most important games of all time because it greatly popularized the stealth genre.

Metal Gear’s lead director, Hideo Kojima, holds similar prestige. Kojima is regularly hailed as one of the greatest game designers of all time and one of the few auteurs in the industry, creating titles that are remarkably prescient with real world trends.

The designer’s legacy also goes well beyond games. Hollywood figures Guillermo del Toro, George Miller, Norman Reedus (who starred in Kojima’s latest game, Death Stranding) and more have all voiced their admiration for Kojima.

Suffice to say, the movie adaptation of Metal Gear Solid has a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, it’s also been stuck in development hell, just like the upcoming Uncharted movie. Kojima first announced the movie in 2006.

After 14 years, it’s finally looking like a real possibility now that Isaac’s been cast in the principal role.

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