Oscar Zuleta, ‘bartender to the stars,’ celebrates his 30th anniversary at Beverly Hilton Hotel

For Oscar Zuleta, there’s almost nothing in the world more fulfilling than the years he’s spent as part of The Beverly Hilton Hotel’s staff.

Zuleta, who has worked at the prominent hotel for over 30 years, started off as a dishwasher — and through hard work in addition to his undeniably charming personality, was able to land a role as one of The Hilton’s top bartenders.

Known as the “bartender to the stars,” Zuleta started working at the Hilton in February 1986, and when asked if he ever gets bored of doing the same thing every day, he enthusiastically responds, “If you enjoy what do you for a living, which is what I do, time goes by and you don’t even know when.”

Throughout his time at the hotel, Zuleta has had the opportunity to meet some of the most famous celebrities on the planet. He recalls serving actors Ben Affleck and Chris Pine who both, to his surprise, speak Spanish just as well as he does.

The passionate bartender also proudly remembered the time when he was given the chance to have a glass of ultra-rare red wine with Sir Thomas Sean Connery. “I hold that dear [to] my heart,” he recalled.

In recognition of his decades of commitment and service to the hotel, Zuleta was recently awarded a “30 Years of Service” certificate.

“What struck me most about him was his amazing smile and the warmth that he had to everybody that came around,” regarded Sandy Murphy, general manager of The Beverly Hilton.

Zuleta has dedicated countless years of excellent service to The Hilton and hopes to contribute many more.

“I plan to be here for a long time,” Zuleta says.

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