Mom ruins her daughter’s sleepover with devious prank

Halloween is over, but this mom’s deliciously evil scheme would scare the heck out of me any month of the year.

In early October, TIkTok user reneedoucette83 shared footage of an absolutely devious prank she played on her daughter and her friends while they were having a sleepover.

“My daughter is upstairs playing Ouija with her friends!!!!” she wrote.

In the video, she approaches her home’s circuit breaker, selects one of the switches and turns it off.

That’s when the screaming starts.

It doesn’t slow when she starts turning the switch — presumably controlling the lights in her daughter’s room — on and off rapidly. That paired with the already tense environment an Ouija board can create is certainly going to be memorable for the kids.

We don’t know exactly how the daughter reacted to the ominous flickering, but based on the other videos on reneedoucette83’s TikTok page, she’s no stranger to scary pranks.

Commenters had mixed reactions to the prank, which now has 4.5 million likes on TikTok.

Some loved it.

“This is the kind of mother I’m going to be,” one wrote.

“Unforgettable slumber party,” another said.

Other users hated it.

“Omg that’s so mean,” one user said.

“This is so cruel and evil,” another wrote.

“I would never allow one of those in my house,” a third commented.

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