Our favorite body acceptance influencers to follow on TikTok right now

You should be able to feel comfortable existing in your own body 24/7, period. But doing so isn’t always easy, especially when living in a society that constantly bombards you with images of an unattainable, non-inclusive beauty standard.

Truth is, in the fight to learn to accept your body for all its intricacies, curves, edges and wonders, it can certainly help to have someone in your corner — especially someone who might look a little more like you — cheering you on, whether it’s your family, friends, or favorite social media stars.

We’ve rounded up our favorite body-acceptance TikTokers, who celebrate all body types and abilities, for whenever you need a little reassurance that you deserve to both accept yourself and be accepted — no matter where you are on your personal journey to self-love.

Bekah Cloud

Bekah Cloud, a yogi and aerial artist, frequently shares videos with her 88,500 TikTok followers that spread a message of body acceptance and kindness.

In one of her most recent clips, she calmly and gracefully addressed trolls who were “making fun of” her body in the comments of one of her previous videos, particularly her neck, which is affected by her scoliosis.

“I just want to let you guys know, that’s not welcome here,” Bekah says of the rude comments. “What I’m about is hyping people up, hyping each other up. Because, y’all are beautiful, I know I am beautiful, so you can leave.”

Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos

Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos are two best friends who have proven that all outfits can be fierce on any figure when they’re styled right.

The pals have amassed a following of over 2 million followers on their separate TikTok accounts, where they share their trademark videos, standing side-by-side wearing matching outfits.

Their videos became so popular that in February, the duo launched their “Style, Not Size” campaign to promote fashionable clothing for all body types.


Style, not size with @mariacastellanos_ri wearing @boohoo 💗 Follow them for more styles 💗 #stylenotsize #itsfromboohoo

♬ original sound – rm.asthetic

Dexter Mayfield

Dexter Mayfield is a true triple threat — not only is the LGBTQIA+ icon a talented dancer and runway model, he’s also an outspoken advocate for plus-sized men in the fashion world, where curvy men are often minimized or forgotten about entirely.

“No matter how far I’ve come in the industry, I’ve been told, ‘You still need to lose weight,'” he told Mic in a 2017 interview. “When it comes to presenting an image of male beauty, we need to expand that.”

On TikTok, Dexter has amassed over 336,000 followers through his delightful dance videos, which have a contagiously happy vibe.


Day 2 doin my dance! PS: TYSM #arianagrande for the insta repost!!! #rainonme #ladygaga

♬ Rain On Me – Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

Sarah Todd Hammer

Sarah Todd Hammer is an 18-year-old disability advocate who strives to bring light to conditions that aren’t always visible — like her own.

The teen, who became paralyzed in both her arms and her hands in 2010 due to a condition called Acute Flaccid Myelitis, is vocal about the need for self-love, particularly when your body “doesn’t fit society’s beauty standards.”

Above all, Sarah says she wants to show TikTok that people with disabilities can be happy, too.

Tarah Elizabeth

Tarah Elizabeth utilizes her TikTok to reach out to those struggling with body image and eating disorders — both of which she’s dealt with for a large portion of her life.

Tarah, who has struggled with anorexia, bulimia and PTSD following a sexual assault at the age of 13, is extremely transparent about her recovery process with her over 177,000 followers.

On top of that, Tarah keeps it real about how a lot of the “perfect bodies” plastered all over on social media are not always as they appear, and how these manufactured images should not be allowed to destroy your confidence.


Daily reminder that what you see on social media is probably fake ❤️ #fyp

♬ #situashion – anotherzach

Ms. Kristine

Ms. Kristine is a business owner and plus-size fashion blogger whose brand Kin by Kristine creates trendy looks for curvy women, who often face severely limited clothing selections at major retailers.

“My mission and my goal was simple – to show that curvy women can be just as stylish and fabulous as everyone else,” she explains on her website.

Kristine also uses her TikTok page, where she’s racked up over 219,000 followers, to dispel myths about what curvy women can and cannot wear (hint: they can wear whatever they damn well please.)

Will Bekford

If for even one second you find yourself humoring the idea of listening to your haters, tune into Will Bekford’s TikTok to have the self-doubt talked right out of you.

The fitness guru, who takes a tough-love approach in his inspirational training videos, believes one of the most important ways to accept yourself is to stop seeking validation from others.

“You let that negativity seep on in, and (the haters) got you,” Will says in one of his most recent TikToks. “Understand this; It ain’t about them, it’s about you, and the consistency you’re putting in. Stop letting that negativity determine the trajectory of your life and where you’re going.”


Negativity only possess power we give it! You’re doing better than you think. #motivation #motivationmonday #focused #controlyourself #positivity #win

♬ Sad – AShamaluevMusic

Victoria Garrick

Victoria Garrick, a former Division I volleyball player, mental health and body-image advocate and self-love enthusiast, uses humor to remind her TikTok followers that diet culture is toxic, in-and-of itself.

In one of her recent viral videos, Victoria, who says that intuitive eating saved her from her eating disorder, showcases that even athletes have “rolls, cellulite and stretch marks.”

Why? Because it’s human.

Huntington Parsons

Huntington Parsons is a plus-size dancer with a simple message: Self-love is true happiness.

Parsons radiates confidence, poise and joy in her dance videos, which have helped her rack up over 430,000 followers on TikTok alone.

She is also brutally honest about her journey toward body acceptance, admitting that even just one year ago, she wasn’t nearly as confident as she is now, and had to endure a lot of “hurt” to heal.

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