Our host Thorgy Thor is helping this Dragged contestant honor her Texas roots

NYC transplant Joan wants to honor her Dallas, Texas roots with a Southern belle Dolly Parton-inspired drag transformation. But Joan wants more out of her Dragged experience than just a country girl aesthetic. “I would love for my drag look to honor where I come from, while still poking fun at it so that I can really reclaim it for myself,” explains Joan. In this episode of Dragged, Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) attempts to lasso a look together to turn Joan into the country girl drag queen of her dreams. Can the host pull it off? Let’s see!

First up is wardrobe with stylist Blue (@sheisblue_). For Joan’s Texas-inspired look, Blue pulls a mix-matched denim jacket and shorts set with glittery sparkle accents. The bedazzled patchwork denim look will be enough to make even Dolly Parton jealous, says Blue. 

Meanwhile, in the makeup chair with Elle (@the.elle.lc), Joan is looking very contoured. “I truly think that if my personality was a makeup look, it would be this,” says Joan of the extreme eyebrows and dramatic cat eye glam Elle has decked her out with. 

“She was asking for a Dolly Parton-inspired look so I had to go for a big red lip, some neutrals, and lots and lots of blush,” says Elle. The makeup artist adds some finishing touches including false eyelashes, some face jewels, fake nails, and show-stopping jewelry to complete Joan’s Southern belle drag look. 

At the big reveal, Joan steps out as Ally Mo. “I am Miss Ally Mo, and you better remember me, The Ally Mo,” states Joan, hinting that the Alamo was the inspiration behind the Texas drag queen’s name. “I feel like the next door neighbor I always wanted but never had,” says Joan. “I feel comfortable, I feel beautiful,” she elaborates. “I feel like home.”

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