Man sparks outrage after playing ‘horrible’ prank on his girlfriend: ‘How exactly is that funny?’

A 36-year-old man doesn’t understand why his 23-year-old girlfriend was upset over his prank

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” if he was in the wrong. One day he decided to prank his girlfriend, who has ongoing medical issues, by pretending to be her doctor. He called her and said that some of her test results were troubling. But when she broke down in tears, he didn’t get why she was mad. 

“[My girlfriend] is a Ph.D. student and I work as an accountant, so I support us both financially. No kids, we were trying but she has had health issues that cause it to not be a priority right now. This is relevant. The other day I called her while she was out to coffee with a friend. My intention for the phone call was to ask her what she’d be making for dinner but as it was ringing I had an idea for a prank,” the Reddit poster explained.

He initiated the prank and it did not go over well at all. Shocking. 

“I put on a fake voice to tell her I was a doctor calling from the local hospital and I had some test results, asking if now was a good time to talk about them,” he wrote. “She said yes so I made up some bulls*** on the spot but she started crying like two minutes into the conversation so of course I broke character and told her it was me. She started yelling at me which was embarrassing because I told my colleague what I was doing and she called me some really horrible names in front of him and completely disrespected me for what I thought was a harmless prank. She wasn’t hurt and my colleague tells me that it was a huge overreaction on her part.”

Reddit users were on the girlfriend’s side here. 

“How exactly is that funny?” one person wrote

“I’m guessing there’s not a lot of mutual respect and equality in this relationship,” another said

“What’s wrong with you?” someone said

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