P3 uses tech to help athletes operate at peak performance

P3 stands for Peak Performance Project and is one of the first facilities to use technology and sports science to access and train athletes. Director of Operations Adam Hewitt was kind enough to show In The Know around and explain what separates P3 from other training gyms.

“We started borrowing technology that primarily only existed in a laboratory or research setting and we brought it into this applied setting where athletes are training and working hard on a daily basis,” Hewitt told In The Know.

The goal is to combine physics and technology to develop smarter plans for athletes to perform at their absolute best. P3 works exclusively with elite athletes to make them even better.

“The assessment process is very detailed,” P3 member and Indiana Pacers point guard Malcolm Brogdon said. Brogdon works out at P3 at least three days a week.

The assessment process involves going over what the athlete wants to improve upon, their injury history, a mobility screen and, after they’ve properly warmed up, P3 quantifies what it takes to push this athlete to their max effort.

After filming the athlete from all sorts of angles, the footage gets sent to people like Ben Johnson, who is a biomechanist and performance specialist. Johnson can then translate everything into data and precisely track the progress an athlete is making.

“The list is really endless in terms of the different characteristics that can give us a really unique perspective into the athlete in front of us,” Johnson said.

It’s a collaborative effort across multiple teams with very different backgrounds. Anyone can gather data or create a workout regimen, but it’s what P3 does with the data to build a tailored workout regimen that really makes a major difference.

“Every time I come in here, I get better,” Brogdon said.

P3 is truly on the forefront of athlete development. With its precision and quantified approach to training, it’s catalyzed a vision for the future of pro sports.

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