Woman is mystified when she receives strange package from her deceased grandmother

A woman received a mysterious package from her deceased grandmother and shared the contents in a series of TikTok videos!

Jen Hamilton (@_jen_hamilton_) was left scratching her head recently when she received a package from her grandmother—even though her grandma died several years ago! In the viral video, Jen opens the package from her grandmother, reveals the contents, and speculates about how this could have happened. 

“I just got a package in the mail from my grandma,” Jen says, holding up a nondescript shipping envelope to the camera. “That would not be strange, except for the fact that my grandma passed away almost two years ago.” 

Jen cuts through the envelope and pulls out the first item: a photo of her grandma and grandpa—who is also deceased. She stares at the photo in confusion, then pulls out a second sheet of paper. The look of confusion on her face only increases. 

Jen double-checks the envelope and confirms that it is now empty. “It’s a picture of my grandma and my grandpa and a money order,” she says. “And no note.”

Viewers were equally confused by the surprise package and speculated about its origins.

“As a former estate executor, it could be that her probate took some time and that’s what she left you,” one viewer theorized.

“Could be the bank sending packages from a will,” wrote another viewer. 

“What’s the date on the money order?” asked another TikToker. 

In a series of follow-up videos, Jen reveals more details about the unexpected package.

First, she shares that the money order was sent long after her grandmother died. Then, she reveals that her sister also received the same package.

Finally, she solves the mystery! It turns out that one of Jen’s family members sold her grandmother’s car and decided to distribute the profits to the entire family. The money order was Jen’s portion of the profits from the sold car. 

Jen might have been initially perplexed by the surprise package, but it ended up being a great reminder of her love for her grandma!

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