Mom reveals how she packed a month’s worth of clothes in a single backpack for her daughter

This TikTok parent shared how she packs all of her 5-year-old daughter’s clothes in a single backpack for a month-long trip to Europe!

Diana (@mrsblinks) is a TikToker and parent of 3 girls who recently embarked upon a month-long adventure to Europe. For her trip, Diana wanted to pack light, so she decided to pack a single backpack for each member of her family. In a TikTok video, she revealed exactly how she managed to pack all of her 5-year-old daughter’s clothes into just one child-sized backpack, and still have room for toys!

The video begins with a shot of the backpack Diana plans to use. It’s small enough for her 5-year-old to carry, but will ultimately be spacious enough to fit a month’s worth of clothing! “In four days, I’m leaving for a month-long trip to Europe with my 3 kids, and people think I’m nuts when I say that we’re only bringing a backpack each,” Diana explains. “So I thought I would share exactly how I’m packing.”

Diana explains that she starts by making a list of everything she needs. “I think about items that I really love and items that are versatile and that I can get a lot of use out of. And then, I get my girls to try everything on,” she says. 

Then, Diana begins to lay clothes out on the bed. She folds each article of clothing and places it into a small packing cube, which will eventually be placed in the backpack. “I start with the biggest and bulkiest items first and I fold them to sit upright and fit the length of the packing cube,” she explains. “One of my tips is to keep the packing cube somewhat closed. That way, you can start pushing things to one end and maximize your space.”

After a bit of trial and error, Diana manages to fit all of the clothes her daughter needs into the cube. “In total, I was able to fit in a small packing cube: 4 dresses, 2 rompers, pajamas, jeans and shorts, a top, 2 bathing suits and 7 [pairs of] underwear,” she explains. “That all goes in her backpack with a pair of shoes and a toothbrush and she still has room for activities for the plane.”

TikTokers applauded Diana’s efficient packing.

“Love it! So impressed! Packing cubes are so helpful! I’m packing for our 14 day trip, but could never do just a backpack,” responded one TikToker. 

“How did you pack for yourself? Us adults need tips!” wrote another viewer. 

Others were skeptical that Diana had packed enough. 

“That’s what you pack for a weekend out of town, not for a month visit!” one viewer responded. 

“I need a suitcase for a 2 day trip to my friend’s house,” joked another TikToker. 

Diana’s packing strategy might not be for everyone, but her packing tips are sure to be useful for anyone trying to pack light!  

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