5 tips to pack like a pro so you always have exactly what you need

Packing for your next trip can be an overwhelming headache. If you pack too light, you won’t be prepared. If you pack too much, traveling will be cumbersome — not to mention all those extra luggage fees. 

In The Know’s resident packing whiz Phoebe Zaslav knows how to keep things practical without missing out on the necessities.

“I have been traveling a whole lot this summer and this may be a bold statement, but I definitely consider myself an expert packer by now,” Phoebe says. “I’m here to reveal the ultimate tips and tricks for packing light and smart.” 

1. Make a two-part list

To start, create an itinerary of the events and places you plan to visit.

“Once you’ve got your activities down, the second part of the list is deciding what you will be wearing to each activity,” she says. “This is the part that most people hate or just get way too lazy to do, which I totally get. But it is a foolproof way to make sure you’re not overpacking.”

Pro tip: Don’t overpack shoes. Just opt for two to three pairs that can work with all of your outfits. You don’t need heavy shoes taking up space or bogging down your luggage.

2. Store your outfits together for better organization

Phoebe rolls all of her outfits together to reduce wrinkles, except for bulkier jeans. 

“This saves so much time on vacation so you don’t have to go digging through your bag and if you’re in a rush from one activity to the next,” she explains. 

3. Embrace the art of packing cubes to keep items sorted and accessible

Phoebe keeps separate packing cubes for each outfit and designated packing cubes for undergarments, loungewear, toiletries and shoes. 

4. Get travel-size bottles

Opting for the travel size will make getting through airports way less of a hassle. It will also help you to pack light. 

“Either transfer products into travel bottles and/or purchase travel sizes of your go-to products,” she says. “This saves so much space.”

5. When in doubt, choose the “cool girl” option

If these steps are a little too much for you, Pheobe does have one “cool girl” alternative. 

“The next best thing you can do is to bring lots of thin neutral-colored clothing that you can mix and match with and create multiple outfits,” Phoebe says. “To spice it up, bring fun lip colors or hair scrunchies.”

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