Pandas adorably thrive during playtime at the zoo: ‘Snow is their happy place’

A group of pandas was recorded enjoying the snowy weather at Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo in the city of Shenyang, China. 

Footage of the giant pandas showed them exploring their snow-covered habitat filled with tree logs, jungle gyms and tires for them to play with. One Panda enjoyed himself by swinging on a tire swing connected to a tree. Another became engrossed during playtime with a ball. Each of the pandas seemed to like doing flips in the snow. 

According to the zookeeper, Liu Bowen, the pandas are encouraged to regularly spend time outdoors to keep them healthy. But it’s no surprise the snow brought out some rambunctious behavior in the pandas. 

“Because pandas are adapted to the high-altitude forests in the mountainous central regions of China, snow is their happy place,” the Smithsonian stated

Pandas also get their white and black fur from adapting to the snow-covered outcrops on rocky mountains. The colors allow them to camouflage in their wintery surroundings. 

Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo is considered one of the best zoos in China after its innovative renovations in the 2010s. 

“New-style wildlife parks, such as the revamped Shenyang Forest Zoo, have changed things by placing a greater emphasis on imitating species’ natural habitats,” according to the Sixth Stone

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