Panera Bread now sells flatbread pizza and apparently it’s actually good

Panera Bread is taking a page out of Papa John’s’ book and adding pizza to its menu.

On Oct. 28, the chain announced that it was introducing three flatbread pizza items to its menu: cheese, margherita and chipotle chicken and bacon.

“At Panera, baking is at the core of who we are and what we’re known for — we knew that we had all the elements to bring our delicious, hearty flatbreads to life,” Claes Petersson, Panera’s chief food and innovation officer, said in a statement. “With the launch of flatbread pizza, we are looking to redefine the expectation of pizza and carve out a niche for Panera in the pizza category.”

Though Panera only just added flatbread pizza to its menu, people are already taking to social media to review the new item.

Many people are raving about the savory dish, noting that it’s surprisingly good.

TikToker brandontylerss found out about the menu addition and drove to his local Panera to give it a try.

“This is yum yum on the num nums if you dip it into the Autumn Squash Soup,” brandontylerss says as he, well, dips his flatbread into his cup of soup. His verdict? “Panera pizzas are bomb.”

Twitter user Rachelskirts also decided to test out the new item and noted that it is “very good.”

“I thought my love affair with Panera was one-sided, but y’all, they’re adding pizza to the menu,” she tweeted. “IS THIS A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL?”

Not everyone was excited about Panera’s foray into Italian cuisine, though.

One Twitter user who tried the pizza and wasn’t a fan said that it “tastes like f****** school pizza.”

Panera employees have also complained that the flatbread pizzas “take … forever to make compared to everything else.”

“They’re really good but it’s so time-consuming,” one employee commented on brandontylerss’s video.

Overall, people seem to be in favor of the “amazing” Panera Bread flatbread pizzas, so definitely give them a try before you write them off.

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