Panera employee reveals the alleged ‘secret formula’ behind the chain’s green tea

A TikToker is going viral after sharing an inside look at how Panera green tea gets made.

The video comes from user @ohana_trender, an alleged Panera Bread employee. In their clip, the TikToker shows the simple process behind brewing one of the chain’s most beloved drinks.

It’s just the latest clip to give users a behind-the-scenes view of their favorite restaurant chains. In recent weeks, TikTokers revealed the wildest orders they’ve received while working at Chick-fil-A and the most “complicated” menu item to prepare at McDonald’s.

The video from @ohana_trender, which now has more than 1 million views, shows the alleged ingredients that go into the chain’s tea. According to the clip, all it takes is plenty of water and a special concentrate mix.


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The clip goes on to show the type of concentrate allegedly used to make the tea — made by The Republic of Tea. It also shows the ratio, which suggests adding five bottles of water for every one bottle of concentrated tea.

Commenters were quick to thank @ohana_trender for sharing the “secret formula.”

“How does TikTok know this is my favorite drink in the world?” one user asked.

“Commenting to see if anyone can find the concentrate or something similar because I love this drink too,” another added.

“Panera was my first job and I still could drink this every day,” another wrote.

Unfortunately, many users reported that they couldn’t find the concentrate for sale on The Republic of Tea’s website. But, in this writer’s opinion, the limited availability only makes it taste better.

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