How TikTok became obsessed with a ‘Sesame Street’ clip

People can’t get enough of Elmo’s music after a clip of a Sesame Street song went viral on TikTok.

When most people think about passionate, robust singers they don’t usually think of the muppet. But after a TikToker shared a snippet of Elmo getting down with his bad self, others couldn’t help but take note of his “sassy” vocals. Now people are rocking out to this lively children’s tune. 

“Why does Elmo sound so sassy,” Chelsey Vogt asked when she uploaded the original clip

“A water bottle and a paper towel roll,” Elmo sang with attitude.  

The song “I Wonder, What if, Let’s Try!” featured actress Hailee Steinfeld in an episode of Sesame Street where Elmo had to figure out how to build something without the help of any blocks. 

“Elmo wonders what could we use instead of blocks / What if we think outside of the box? / Say what now?” the lyrics went. “An oatmeal container? A wooden bowl? A plastic water bottle and a paper towel roll.”

TikTokers quickly became ironically obsessed with the Sesame Street bop. The Elmo sound has since been used in over 28,000 TikTok videos.


elmo put his entire sesame street pussy into this somg

♬ original sound – Chelsey Vogt

“I wonder what the mentally stable side of TikTok is jamming out to right because I know it’s not this,” @satans.sugarbaby said lip-syncing to the song

“Me entertaining my baby with old household items,” @sherdelabear96 wrote in a caption as she dangled an “oatmeal container” and a “wooden bowl” in front of her kid.

Then @lilgerberbaby went viral for her perfect impression of Elmo’s voice in the song

TikToker @postdelone took this as a chance to dig up some of Elmo’s other certified bops like “Dancing is Easy.” In the song, the muppet passionately sings, “Elmo chugs along like a train.” 

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