TikToker records her wild experience ordering a $1,000 steak at a Miami restaurant

The $1,000 steak at Miami’s Papi Steak restaurant is more of an experience than a meal.

The wild food order — with a parade of celebrating employees and a glowing, golden briefcase — is going viral, thanks to a TikToker named Ash Liv (@ashlivvv).

In her clip, the TikToker showed what happened when her table ordered one of the four-figure steaks. First, a trio of waiters ran up to their table dancing with a mysterious briefcase in hand.

The wagyu tomahawk, officially called the “beef case,” landed on Papi Steak’s menu in 2021. Its name and presentation are a direct reference to the cryptic briefcase in the movie Pulp Fiction, which — depending on the fan theory you subscribe to — may or may not have contained a gangster’s soul.

This briefcase is a little less spiritual, although the experience of watching it open does echo the reaction of many characters in Pulp Fiction. The waiters reveal the steak with a laser show, customized pump-up music and a smoke-inducing branding ritual.

Since its debut, the beef case has become a source of viral fame for Papi Steak. The restaurant’s own TikTok page is full of clips featuring the meal — including one in which Rae Sremmurd rapper Swae Lee brands the tomahawk himself.


What he said🥩 @𝐉𝐜 𝐃𝐢𝐨𝐫™ #PapiSteak #Miami #steaktiktok #Foodtok #fyp

♬ original sound – papisteak

Meanwhile, Liv’s video gave the restaurant even more attention. Her clip drew over 10 million views and plenty of excited comments.

“Serving steak like it’s bottle service lol I like it,” one user wrote.

“I would think I’m at the club,” another added.

Others, however, couldn’t get past the price.

“Y’all paid $950 for the waiters to say ‘ayyyyy,'” one user wrote.

“I got the experience for free on TikTok … I’m good now,” another added.

The $1,000 is just the latest wild food experience to go viral on TikTok. In 2020, users began posting videos featuring a one-of-a-kind Hawaiian-themed Chick-fil-A. More recently, a TikToker shared footage of an Egyptian KFC with an incredible view of the Great Pyramids.

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