Paraglider takes nap mid-air in ‘amazing’ video

You might know Hasan Kaval as the literalflying couch potato.” The paragliding pilot from Turkey is known for his elaborate aerial stunts, like the time he turned a sofa and TV set into a functioning aircraft and played backgammon in mid-air with a friend. 

In September, Kaval stepped his game up once again with an “airbed” trick. The daredevil napped amongst the clouds over the town of Alanya for 15 minutes

“When I was a kid, I was flying in my dreams. If you really want something, it will come true,” he wrote on Instagram

Footage of the accomplishment showed Kaval in an eye mask, snugly wrapped in a plaid blanket. His bed had all the amenities, like a stuffed animal, an alarm clock and two bedside tables. One tabletop even had a lamp.

The structure is of course fitted with a parachute and a harness. Kaval took off into the sky, set an alarm for 15 minutes, snoozed in the comfy bed, then safely landed.

The stuntman’s video received over 173,000 views on Instagram

“Haha! what a way to go to bed,” one user commented

“You had sooo much fun doing this, it’s amazing!!! I was smiling throughout the video,” another said

“Absolute legend.” someone added.

Kaval has gone on other unconventional paragliding expeditions since his elevated slumber. He had a barbecue (yes, with a working grill) in the sky, an interview with a reporter over coffee and has hinted at a “flying bridewedding ceremony in mid-air. 

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