Parenting Spotlight: Marc Pierre

Each month, In The Know by Yahoo gives everyday parents their time to shine in our exclusive Parenting Spotlight.

This month, we’re featuring Brooklyn-based dad, Marc Pierre!

In addition to being the parent of 2-year-old twins Parker and Preston, Marc is the Senior Commerce Partnership Manager at Yahoo.

What’s the parenting tip that everyone loves, but you think is overrated?

Putting your babies on a sleep schedule!

What’s your best parenting advice?

Anticipate what you think your kids will do!

What would be the title of your memoir?

Parenting 101: There Are No Rules!

What’s the weirdest thing you plan on saving from your kids’ baby- or childhood?

Their miniature horse rocking chair.

Which apps could you not live without?

ESPN and Instagram.

What’s one parenting product you wish you’d bought years ago?

White noise machine.

What’s one life hack you wish you’d learned years ago?

Using sprinkles to give my kids medicine.

Who are some of your favorite celebrity/influencer parents? 

My wife @asliceopi! 🙂 But, celebrity-wise, Lebron James!

Are there any parenting terms you wish you could retire? (e.g., “momtrepreneur”)

“Terrible twos!” As soon as they start mobilizing, all hell breaks loose!

What is one “parenting win” you’re super proud of?

Raising two loving and healthy boys who worship their mother!

If your kids were emojis, what would they be?


(Editor’s Note: Responses have been edited for length and clarity.)

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