Parents capture baby’s hilarious reaction to tasting solid food for the first time

A couple captured their daughter’s first bite of real food and her hilarious reaction said it all. 

Daniela Gheorghe and Davide Fabris are Londoners by way of Italy. When their little one, Bianca Fabris, finally became old enough to add solid foods into her diet, they got the camera out

Gheorghe and Fabris can be heard giving Bianca encouraging words in Italian as they wave a spoonful of apple puree in her face. Bianca resists opening her mouth but when she does, the first bite makes her face scrunch. Mom goes in for another spoonful and she winces like she has eaten a lemon. Bianca is a champ and manages a third bite but she does not look pleased. 

When Daily Mail reached out to the couple, Gheorghe revealed a lot has changed since the original footage was shot in 2018. 

“[She] likes a lot of foods now,” the mother said. “Her favorites are watermelon and plums. We’re really lucky she’ll eat most things. She still isn’t a big fan of apples though, so she hasn’t changed that much!” 

Now at 2 years old, Bianca is still endearing people with her animated expressions. 

“What’s really funny is that if she ever tries another food she doesn’t like, she’ll make the exact same face as she did in the video,” she told Daily Mail. “‘Everyone loves her. She’s really funny and smart.” 

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