Parents walk into ‘kid’s new house’ and completely destroy every room: ‘It’s payback time’

A mom and dad filmed themselves destroying their “kid’s new house,” and the hilarious footage is going viral!

TikToker and mom Angie (@angelalah325) gained 12.2 million views and 23,000 comments when she posted the side-splitting video to her account.

Just like the dad who went viral for strolling into his “son’s first house” and completely trashing it, these parents are cracking up TikTokers around the world!

In the video, Angie and her hubby hilariously bust into “their kid’s” front door — immediately kicking off their shoes in a chaotic fashion.

They then wreak havoc on the house from top to bottom — hiding cups and bowls under the beds, stealing chargers from the outlets, letting ice cubes fall to the kitchen floor, flicking on every light switch they come across. No stone is left unturned by their pandemonium.

But it turns out the house they’re trashing is their own. As indicated by Angie’s hashtags “#karma” and “#payback,” the comedic duo are reenacting the mess their kids make around the house.

And judging by the reactions in the comments, their video definitely hit home (no pun intended) with parents everywhere!

‘That was so painful to watch…’

“I soooo wanna do this to my kids!! But they won’t move outta my house,” one TikTok parent joked.

“As a mom of four teenagers, I’ve never had a TikTok shared with me more,” another parent commiserated.

“This video makes me laugh so hard. I have kids ages 10, 15 and 18… They do everything in this video,” shared another TikToker.

“My son just bought a house and I can’t wait to act like I’m shopping in his fridge and pantry,” one user joked.

“Spot on! Do you live in my house?!” laughed another user.

“That was so painful to watch,” one user winced.

While it seems parents around the world share the same headache, they’d likely agree that while kids cause chaos and create epic messes in their homes, they also fill them with love and laughter. And certainly, that’s worth any mess.

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