Parents moved to tears after Marine son surprises them for Christmas

A Minneapolis family was so stunned by their Marine son’s surprise visit, they couldn’t control themselves. 

Logan left for the marines in June, but due to the pandemic, his family was unable to see him graduate in September. Logan’s parents didn’t expect to see him until spring of 2021 — and certainly not in time for the holidays this year. 

But in October, Logan contacted his sister Taylor to orchestrate a surprise visit. The Marine received orders that he could return home in December. To pull the secret off, Taylor told her parents she needed to drop something off for the truck one day. Then she recorded her parents’ reaction when she showed up with her brother. 

“It was a low-key quiet Sunday night. They were very down that they would not see him for Christmas and they have been missing him tremendously,” Taylor told Newsflare

In the footage, Logan knocked on the door in full uniform. When he opened it, his mother shrieked and cried. Soon after, his father walked into the room, equally as shocked. The three hugged and then the two parents proceeded to use a few bleeped out words to describe their utter joy. 

“This Christmas will be the best yet since he will be home to spend it with our family,” Taylor told Newsflare. “I decided to make a video out of it to spread some joy and happiness for people in the midst of the chaos in this world right now.”

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