Parents of 1-year-old with birthmark ignore hateful comments: ‘The beginning was very hard’

Luna Fenner is a 1-year-old with a nevus birthmark covering her face.

More than a unique feature, the birthmark can become cancerous melanoma with time. The baby’s mother, Carolina Fenner, says that Luna already has had three cancerous nevus birthmarks on other parts of her body.

Fenner had a normal pregnancy and didn’t know her daughter had the condition until she was born.

“I thought that she was dirty from the stuff from the labor,” Carolina told Truly. “We [were] in shock because we didn’t know about it.” 

Fenner suffered from postpartum depression and didn’t want to meet Luna at first. But her husband Thiago Fenner assured her that their baby was perfect. That doesn’t mean the rest of the world thought so. Luna’s bullying from strangers has been an ongoing issue. A woman at church once called the baby a “monster.” 

It was this hurtful incident, coupled with the cancer risk, that motivated the parents to have the birthmark removed. The family went to Russia where doctors removed parts of the nevus from her forehead, nose and eyelids. 

When Fenners used crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for the pricey surgery, Luna got a bit famous as a result. But things took off when a supporter made the infant a doll with her special birthmark and the family began selling them on their site, Help Luna

Luna now has over 258,000 followers on her Instagram.

“Now Luna is kind of famous,” Carolina said. “People came, ‘oh this is Luna, can I take a picture of her? Oh, she’s so beautiful.'” 

But people still point, laugh and mock the baby if they don’t know her story. 

“Now we know how to deal with that. The beginning was very hard. People calling her names, saying she was ugly,” Carolina told Truly

While her surgeries will be ongoing, Luna is blissfully oblivious about her extraordinary life. She’s just a regular kid who likes to play and devour entire loaves of bread

“For her future, we just want her to be happy,” the mother said

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