TikTok captures the hilarious way parents open snacks for their kids: ‘Gotta collect taxes’

This dad’s hilarious video parodying how parents open snacks for their kids has viewers in stitches.

TikToker, performer, and parent Kenyatis Jones (@funnyent) has developed a large online following for his comedic videos. Recently, Jones shared a sketch where he parodies how parents open snacks for their kids, and viewers are in hysterics over the accuracy. 


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The clip opens with a shot of Jones lounging on a couch. “Can you open this?” his daughter asks as she approaches with a canned beverage. Jones promptly snaps the can open and proceeds to take a sip before handing it back to his daughter. 

“Can you open this?” his daughter asks in the following shot of where she approaches her dad, working on the computer at the kitchen counter, with a roll of Smarties candies. Jones takes the candy, unwraps it, and eats a few pieces as if on autopilot, then hands the Smarties back to his daughter. 

The clip cuts to a final shot of Jones sitting outside on his porch. “Can you open this?” his daughter asks, holding a plastic container filled with cupcakes. Jones easily pops open the lid and then takes a bite out of one of the cupcakes before messily shoving the rest of it back into the container at the end of the video.

Jones’ relatable satire struck a chord with parents and relatives of small children. 

“Like the government, gotta collect taxes,” one user joked. 

“I am not allowed to open anything because of this same situation,” confessed one TikToker

“My mom used to say [she was doing that] because she was making sure it wasn’t poisonous,” one viewer shared. 

“I call it a ‘small munching fee!’ My kids learned how to open their stuff real quick,” mentioned one parent. 

This snack technique is definitely one way to teach kids how to share. 

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