Teenager heartbroken by parents’ reaction to her career decision: ‘Your parents are nothing but bullies’

A 17-year-old girl doesn’t feel supported by her parents when it comes to her future career.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The teenager, from the U.K., wants to be a lawyer but her parents want her to major in English. When she became adamant about her stance, her mother said she didn’t want her anymore. 

” I had taken a liking to law ever since I started A-Levels (Advanced Level qualifications for students 16 and older),” the teen said. “I want to pursue a career in it and my law teacher is fully in support of it but my parents aren’t. They wanted me to do English, a degree which is next to useless here. I never wanted to pursue it further besides being really good at it. I want to become someone successful, but since my parents, specifically, my mom, didn’t have a say in her life, think I don’t either.”

The parents have taken to punishing her by not letting her go out with her friends. 

“When I told them I want to work hard enough to get a scholarship to a law school somewhere in the states or U.K., they just laughed at me and said I wasn’t good enough for that,” she explained. “I’m pretty adamant on this, I want to do law, I will do law, in the end, it’s my life. This caused an argument, in which I remember very clearly my mom saying ‘good luck in finding new parents, who actually want you.'” 

Reddit users thought the parents were totally in the wrong. 

“Your parents are nothing but bullies. Work hard, and prove them wrong,” one person wrote. 

“Your parents are stuck in a way of thinking that is wrong,” another commented

“They’re trying to emotionally blackmail you into doing something you do not want to do,” someone said

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