People are getting emotional over this 25-year-old time capsule parents made for their triplets

One woman’s TikTok has thousands of people getting emotional after she opened the time capsule her parents made for her and her siblings when they were just babies.

According to Jamie Poepoe (@jamiepoepoe), the time capsule wasn’t actually just for her. Since she’s a triplet, her parents made one for all three of their children at once and told them not to open it until they turned 25. But that day finally came, and what they found inside was truly heartwarming.

As the song “Where’d All the Time Go?” by Dr. Dog plays in the background, Jamie opens the box covered in handwritten notes from her parents.

Inside, she finds three tiny shirts โ€” one with her name on it and two others with the names of her siblings, Scotty and Jonnie. There’s also a tiny bib marking their first birthday, a mix tape, a stack of letters and messages for them to read later and a few stuffed animals. There is even a newspaper inside from the day they were born, plus a tiny wine bottle that said, “Miracles Happen in 3’s.”

“How’d that happen so fast,” Jamie wrote in the caption of her post, which now has 1.3 million views.

In the comments, others found the whole thing deeply moving.

“This is such a beautiful gift to give your child!” one person wrote. “I just know your parents really love yโ€™all.”

“As a 25 year old triplet, this is nice,” said someone else.

Another person pointed out how important your 25th year is, because “that’s the year you realize you actually love your parents.”

Several others said their parents had done similar things for them in the past.

“My mom made ‘forever boxes’ for me and my siblings,” one TikToker wrote. “She gave me my last one, I just turned 30โ€ฆ the nostalgia is overwhelming.”

“My parents did this but I opened it myself when I was 7 and ruined everything,” someone else said with a laugh.

Some parents even weighed in on the post, saying they’d been thinking about doing something like this for their children.

“Honest question, do you appreciate this? At your age?” one person asked Jamie. “Want to do it for my son but worried he wonโ€™t until older.”

Based on Jamie’s response, the answer was a clear yes.

“Reading back all the letters from our family was everything,” the TikToker shared. “So awesome they kept all of these items from our first year too.”

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