Park ranger calls himself the ‘hummingbird whisperer’

James Manzo is TikTok’s hum.daddy, AKA the “hummingbird whisperer.” The California park ranger has a way with the local birds who visit him on his balcony on a regular basis. Manzo’s technique is fairly simple. He places a small treat onto a tiny red plate and waits. Eventually, a fluttering, green hummingbird appears to enjoy the free snack. 

In one of his most popular videos with over 408,000 views, Mazo fixes the red plate onto the rim of his baseball cap. He sits on a red chair on his balcony and the hummingbird buzzes just above his head.

But in another TikTok, Manzo gets up close and personal with the animal. In the clip, he places three treats onto the small red plate. He holds it in his hand and extends his arm. The bird flies right up to the meal and pecks at it with its long beak. The moment is fleeting but Manzo shows that with a little patience and stillness, humans can connect with animals in a deeper way. 

“I love your videos. They make my days super bright,” one user commented

“Awesome, love it. So relaxing. Wish it was longer than 30 seconds,” another said

“I can watch these all days,” someone said

It’s OK to feed hummingbirds in a feeder or by hand as long as you don’t try to capture or disrupt the bird. That means you’ll need a good hummingbird nectar recipe, a treat made of sugar and water, so that the bird comes to you

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