Putting this sticker on the side of your car could save your child’s life in the parking lot

This TikToker shared a clever hack for keeping your child safe in a busy parking lot!

Crafty Moms (@craftymoms) is the shared TikTok account of two moms who love sharing DIY projects and parenting hacks.

While most of their hacks and projects are just for fun, Crafty Moms also shares tips that can keep kids safe—including one hack that could save your child’s life in a parking lot. 

Research has found that leaving children unattended in parking lots can have dangerous consequences, increasing the risk of injury and even death. However, teaching kids basic parking lot safety decreases those risks significantly. 

In the video, Crafty Moms show a clever way to keep kids safe in the parking lot, by adding a sticker to the side of your car.

The video begins with one of the Crafty Moms demonstrating the scenario the sticker hack is designed to prevent. A mom and her child are in a grocery store parking lot. The mom is about to start loading groceries into the back of her car, when suddenly her daughter runs off, forcing the mom to chase after her. 

Next, the video reveals the clever solution to the problem. The mom uses a permanent marker to trace her daughter’s hand on a roll of sticker paper.

Then, she cuts the sticker into a circle, and colors the area around the hand red. Finally, she attaches the sticker to the back of her car near the trunk. 

The next time the mom and daughter are at a parking lot, the mom simply places her daughter’s hand on the sticker and instructs her not to remove it.

Instead of the many distractions of a crowded parking lot, the daughter focuses on keeping her hand on the sticker, and is less tempted to run off. 

While it can be difficult to get young children and toddlers to focus, the purpose of the sticker is to give them something that will help them remember not to move. It can also be used to turn waiting for parents into a game, by challenging kids to keep their hands on the car for a set amount of time. 

TikTokers thought this was a clever car hack for little ones

Viewers jumped into the comments to express their appreciation for the nifty hack and share some of their own.

“This is a great idea and has many uses to help engage little ones in different situations. Thank you for sharing,” responded one thankful TikToker. 

“I tell my kids ‘hand on the van’ and they do exactly this without the sticker. Works great!” Another TikToker wrote. 

Another viewer suggested an alternative hack, writing, “Kids in the car first, and out of [the] car last eliminates the problem and allows you [to] not ruin your paint with stickers.”

Whatever your strategy, just make sure you’re teaching your kids about parking lot safety!

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