Parkour athlete pulls off ‘unbelievable’ jump at Hamburg canal

Drew Taylor is a 26-year-old parkour athlete and a member of the U.K.-based parkour collective Storror. When the group visited Hamburg in August, it was only inevitable they use the German city as their playground. For one spectacular stunt, Taylor jumps from a deck with perfect precision onto a dock post. 

The athlete posted the video on his Instagram account. 

“That was very sketchy, but I’m still dry,” he wrote in the video caption.

The clip starts with Taylor building momentum by running, then leaping over the platform’s protective gate. He lands atop a massive dock post nestled in a canal. For a moment he looks like he will slip, but Taylor regains his balance to stand up straight. A crowd off-screen cheers him on. Phew! 

Instagram users watched the video over 127,000 times. 

“OMG. It’s so hard to stick [a landing] good job, man,” one user commented

“That was awesome but I really want to know how you get back up there,” another added

“What you did was unbelievable,” someone wrote.

For those curious about how Taylor made it back, Storror posted an extended video of their Hamburg canal adventures on YouTube. It turns out, the guys simply dive into the water and climb out using available stairs or ladders. Not so glamorous!

Taylor first began to parkour when he was just 11 years old after meeting a few of his future Storror teammates in secondary school. His advice to those interested in the sport is simple.

“Make sure you’re having fun, it’s easier with friends,” he said on “Push yourself and enjoy the process of overcoming challenges.”

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