What is the ‘Pass the Phone’ TikTok challenge?

TikTok’s latest challenge has friends roasting each other for fun.

The so-called “Pass the Phone” challenge has people calling out their besties’ bad habits, faux pas and minor flaws. At the time of writing, the #passthephone hashtag has 13.9 million views.

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What is the ‘Pass the Phone’ challenge on TikTok? 

For the challenge, TikTok creators literally pass the phone to their friends seconds after teasing them.

Each video starts off with someone saying “I’m giving/passing the phone to” then filling in the rest with descriptors like “the girl with the longest hair” (although most TikTok users’ comments aren’t as kind). The person passes the phone to the buddy they’re referring to, who then continues the meme by passing it again to someone else with a different quality.

Some examples of the “Pass the Phone” challenge

TikTok user @13crownsofficial decided to do a wholesome family edition of the challenge.

“I’m going to pass the phone to the sibling who takes a long time in the bathroom,” one sister said. 

“I’m gonna pass this phone to the sibling who I think is the funniest,” another sister said.

“I’m gonna pass the phone to the sibling who I think gets in trouble the most,” a third sister said.


Well dis is awkward… #passthephone #fyp @urmomaaashleyk @charlie.caloy @longandrew #passingthephone #stinky

♬ original sound – amberyeet

Meanwhile, @amberyeet and her group used the “Pass the Phone” challenge to drag each other’s food and hygiene habits.

“I’m passing the phone to the person that makes the nastiest food because they want to make it healthy,” the woman said.

“I’m giving the phone to the person who has stinky farts,” her friend said.


Well this took a turn for the worst lol @raerockhold come watch me be a bad gamer too my twitch links in my bio #fyp #foryou #passthephone

♬ original sound – Gus Ferrat

Things escalated quickly when Gus Ferrat and his wife Rae Rockhold decided to get a little honest with each other. 

“I’m gonna pass the phone to somebody that’s pretty but also so lazy that all she wants to do is lay in bed all day,” Ferrat said.

“Well, I’m gonna pass the phone to the person that wears beanies and hats to cover up the fact that he’s balding prematurely,” Rockhold said.

Even celebrities have done the ‘Pass the Phone’ challenge.

Many famous TikTokers have used the “Pass the Phone” challenge to roast their equally famous friends.

Sway Boy Griffin Johnson, for instance, did the challenge with some of his closest pals, including Noah Beck, Blake Gray and Kio Cyr.


this got interesting @noahbeck @blakegray @kiocyrrr

♬ original sound – griffinjohnson

“Pass the phone to someone who’s had more dates in the past week than you’ve had in your life,” Johnson said before he passed the phone to Cyr.

“I’m passing the phone to somebody who’s still not over their ex,” Gray added before passing the phone, again, to Cyr.

“I’m giving this to a homewrecker,” Cyr then said before giving the phone to Beck. (Beck is currently dating Dixie D’Amelio, Johnson’s ex.)

“The way my jaw dropped at some of these,” one person said in response to the brutal video.

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