Passenger’s ‘disgusting’ behavior on flight goes viral

A Twitter user kicked off the new year with a clip of a passenger’s bizarre behavior on their shared Delta flight.

The video, which has over 2.5 million views on Twitter, features a traveler scrolling through the in-flight entertainment options with their bare foot. 

“I fly a lot and this, by far, is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on a plane,” the filmer tweeted along with the video. 

The confidence and ease with which the person is using their foot has made several Twitter users laugh.

“That person looks like they’ve practiced foot scrolling a lot,” one person replied.

Others wondered whether the person perhaps couldn’t use their other limbs, to which the original poster responded, “Her arms were just fine. She carried her expensive luggage on/off the plane. Also used them to throw back cocktails and take snacks from the galley when the FA wasn’t around.” 

Several other users took this as a chance to remind everyone to wipe down airplane seats with anti-bacterial wipes. Others said this wasn’t even that bad.

“I used to be a flight attendant. Sadly, is not even in my top ten worst things I’ve seen,” said someone.

The incident is reminiscent of a Reddit post that went viral in November. The poster, who goes by WoodySoprano on Reddit, took a photo of the flyer sitting behind her propping their bare feet up on the top of her seat. 

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