Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty stylers are now at Ulta

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Curly and coily-haired cuties, it’s time for you to rise. Tracee Ellis Ross‘ Pattern Beauty stylers have arrived at Ulta, finally.

To say that naturally curly and coily-haired beauty lovers have long-awaited the overall styling product launch is an understatement. When Pattern Beauty first launched in September 2019, the brand earned some criticism for only launching shower products without anything for us naturally curlies to twist-out or Bantu knot our hair with in the initial drop. But since trying the dubbed Pattern Beauty “stylers” out for myself (you know I had to), I can say with confidence, the wait was well worth it.

Ross explains these styling products are “phase two” of the brand throughout the YouTube videos on the Pattern Beauty stylers and styling tools.

For my hair type, which is type 4, I tried all of the Pattern Beauty stylers, including the brand’s nourishing Strong Hold Gel, Edge Control, Styling Cream, Hydrating Mist and the Curl Gel. However, I also added the brand’s newest Clarifying Shampoo to start my wash day process.

Shop: Pattern Beauty Clarifying Shampoo, $20

Credit: Pattern Beauty

The clarifying shampoo is the second shampoo to come out of Ross’ collection of Pattern products. I’ve personally tried the OG Hydration Shampoo, but I think if you really want to get the gunk out of your hair when your braids and protective styles have overstayed their welcome, this clarifying shampoo does the job without stripping your hair. Plus, you don’t need a lot of product to work up a lather. I promise.

Shop: Pattern Beauty Strong Hold Gel, $25

Credit: Pattern Beauty

The Strong Hold gel works great for slicked-back looks. A lot of curlies forget to add water to their hair before adding slick products. But water is truly the best way to activate the product for its full slick-back abilities. If you’re trying a sleek look, throw a scarf on top and let the gel do the work.

Shop: Pattern Beauty Styling Cream, $25

Credit: Pattern Beauty

From my experience with Pattern’s styling cream, it doesn’t leave you with the most definition for a twist-out if you have a tighter hair texture. However, it leaves you with softer, fluffier curls. Plus, the product says it’s also great for maintaining and twisting locs.

Shop: Pattern Beauty Edge Contol, $12

Credit: Pattern Beauty

Tracee might have really done something when she dropped this edge control. As a baby hair art lover, I found this is a product to keep them right and tight. The Pattern Edge Control is the perfect combination of moisture and hold because it’s stronger than other gels without leaving a white crusty residue behind.

Shop: Pattern Beauty Hydrating Mist, $18

Credit: Pattern Beauty

Not saying you need another mist, but I think the hydrating mist adds a nice fluff to your day to twist out. The mist combats dryness, and the formula is made of a thick, creamy substance, which is different from a lot of water-based hair mist sprays.

Shop: Pattern Beauty Curl Gel, $25

Credit: Pattern Beauty

The last of the Pattern Beauty stylers is one of my favorites in the bunch. Pattern’s curl gel is like a combination of a gel and cream. You can use this for an easy wash-and-go, or you can get one of the most defined twist-outs you’ve ever had. I personally haven’t gone back to any other product since it doesn’t leave behind any residue even after applying my bonnet dryer.

Do I think you need every single product? Probably not. But if you’re looking for stylers that won’t disappoint, these ones are high on my list. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you can snag these right alongside your other beauty goods at Ulta.

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