Parents’ salad recipe ‘traumatizes’ son for decades: ‘To this day, I still don’t eat peaches’

A TikToker shared the childhood meal that still haunts him to this day — and now, the “traumatic” vintage recipe is going viral.

A musician and content creator, @neon_m, gained over 1.4 million views, 148,000 likes and 12,000 comments when he shared the old-fashioned meal to his account.

And while many TikTokers were horrified by the antiquated recipe, many shared that they were familiar with the dish — as well as some other head-scratching vintage delicacies.

In a stitched video, @neon_m responded to the viral prompt, “What meal traumatized you as a kid?”

Right away, @neon_m‘s hatred for the childhood dish comes in swinging. “When I tell you this recipe came straight from Satan’s a**hole,” the on-screen text reads.

“My parents used to make this stuff called ‘Southern peach salad,’ and what they would do is: Take a peach, cut it in half, take the pit out, and fill that hole where the pit was with a blob of mayonnaise,” he explains. “And if that wasn’t bad enough: Then, cover all of it with shredded cheese, and just eat it.”

While @neon_m‘s parents used fresh peaches, the traditional recipe typically calls for canned pears. And although many TikTokers had never before heard of the dish, it’s actually been around for generations.

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In fact, according to research by It’s A Southern Thing, the recipe first appeared in “The American Salad Book,” written in 1899 by Maximillian de Loup.

“Acid pears, not too ripe, made into a salad, are especially nice served with any water fowl. Peel the fruit and cut into thin slices, being careful to remove the core and any hard or imperfect parts. Serve immediately with an equal quantity of lettuce. A mayonnaise dressing is usually preferred,” the recipe reads.

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In the 1940s and 1950s, recipes for the dish — including variations using peaches and other fruits — appeared in many advertisements for Hellmann’s and Kraft mayonnaise.

“Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise enhances the flavor of any fruit. Smooth and rich, full-bodied and flavorful, this delicious mayonnaise is so right so many ways. Try Real Mayonnaise with California cling peaches,” one advertisement reads.

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Thousands of TikTokers shared their reactions to the vintage dish in the comment section.

“EXCUSE ME?? Peach and MAYO??” one incredulous user wrote.

“I’m traumatized just hearing about it,” another user shared.

“I’m over here with my liver and onions childhood feeling sorry for myself but you win hands down,” wrote another user.

“People are really arguing about pineapple on pizza and this exists,” one user wrote.

Other TikTokers shared the dishes that traumatized them growing up.

“My mom once made couscous with a bottle of ranch. I’m still in therapy,” one user shared.

“My parents would make banana salad 🤢 iceberg lettuce, bananas, & mayo w powder sugar,” another user wrote.

“My grandma would serve mayo with orange jello and shredded carrots in it,” added another user.

“Hamburger helper, chicken [cacciatore], and some sort of frozen white fish with pink sauce from a can,” another user wrote.

As for @neon_m, he later followed up in the comments to thank viewers for their support. “After years of therapy, I’ve worked through the trauma,” he joked.

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