Pediatric nurse reveals the moments that have ‘altered her brain chemistry’ as a parent

A pediatric nurse on TikTok shared the moments she experienced at work that made an impact on her and will affect the safety protocols she uses when raising her own kids.

A TikToker, pediatric nurse, and parent who goes by @nurse.a shared a list of the ways in which being a nurse has affected her decision-making as a parent. The TikToker revealed the safety measures she now takes to keep her kids safe, that she might not have thought of before becoming a nurse. While some of the nurse’s safety tips are common sense, others may be surprising!

The video begins with a shot of the TikToker brushing her hair and looking thoughtfully at the camera. “Moments that have altered my brain chemistry as a pediatric nurse and impacted my choices as a parent,” she writes in a caption. 

Then, the TikToker begins her list. First up, she writes, “My kids will never be unsupervised near any water and will always wear bright bathing suits.”

Second, “They will not ride a bike without a helmet and will never ride a sled near trees,” she writes.

Moving on to home safety, she explains, “I will never have cords on my blinds and heavy things will always be attached to the wall.” The TikToker shows how all of her furniture is securely attached to the wall by a hook or screw. 

Because she has seen children hospitalized after choking accidents, the TikToker reveals she will “always cut hotdogs and grapes” and “have an emergency choking system available.”

The concerned TikToker also keeps medicine, batteries, and even toys that can present a choking hazard away from her kids. 

“We have strict rules about ATVs and dirt bikes that include helmets, chest protectors, no driving adult ATVs and no riding with other kids,” she writes as her last tip. 

Then, she concludes, “Sometimes life doesn’t make sense and I will never forget the reasons my brain is altered.”

Viewers applauded the nurse’s tips and shared safety tips of their own. 

“Mine is water beads! They are not allowed in this house,” one viewer wrote.

“As a neuro nurse—helmets for everything, all the time,” commented another viewer. 

“Supervision on a trampoline, and a net around it, with a limited number of people on it at a time,” wrote another parent.

What steps do you take to keep your kids safe?

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