The best products to help your baby (and you) get a better night’s rest, according to a pediatrician

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Getting sleep is a struggle for most people these days. Throw a baby in the mix and the chances of a full night’s rest go down further. Thankfully, pediatrician and founder of The Happiest Baby, Dr. Harvey Karp is here to shed light on some of his products that help babies sleep.

“Some [babies] right off the bat are good sleepers, some of them, not so much,” Dr. Karp tells In The Know. “One thing that parents often mistakenly believe is that ‘okay it’s not going to be good in the beginning, but it’s going to get better and better and better over time.'”

Dr. Karp explains that sleep changes for babies are “like a rollercoaster.” Sleep patterns are almost never consistent. In fact, there are two different ways that people sleep: quiet sleep and active sleep. The difference between the two is that quiet sleep occurs when people are deep in their sleep to the point where they don’t hear the environment around them. Active sleep, or rapid eye movement sleep, on the other hand, is what Dr. Karp calls the “dream state of sleep.”

“In the beginning of sleep, we get this restorative quiet sleep, our restful sleep that helps our body recover from the stresses and strains of the day,” Dr. Karp explains. “As the night goes on, we have more and more of this active sleep which is where the brain is processing all of our memories and kind of filing away what we learned from the prior day.”

Dr. Karp recommends a few products to help babies sleep, one of which is the Snoo smart bed that he created. You can use code INTHEKNOW to snag it for 20 percent off until March 31.

Snoo  Smart Sleeper Bassinet, $1,196 (Orig. $1,495)

Credit: Happiest Baby

According to Dr. Karp, parents often think that walking on eggshells around the house is the key to keeping baby sound asleep. However, its movements and rocking that really keep baby snoozing away, and the Snoo offers just that. 

“Using something like a Snoo, which is a smart bed that rocks and shushes baby, it’s kind of like you’re driving them all night in the car,” he says. “And it responds when the baby fusses with a little bit more motion and sound.”

Ultimately though, sometimes you have to let your baby cry it out until they put themselves to sleep. However, per Dr. Karp’s advice, this is a last resort.

“It’s not something you want to do, unless you got to do it,” he says. “I mean if you’re falling asleep at the job, then you got to take care of yourself.”

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