TikTok users buy into disturbing rumor about bathroom chemicals

Mixing chemicals in your bathroom and kitchen can be dangerous. For instance, putting ammonia and bleach together can create deadly chloramine gas.

TikTok user @goffgirl666 created a shockwave of fear when she said in a post that peeing in a shower while rinsing your hair dye out can cause a chemical reaction that makes mustard gas, a toxic blister agent that can cause horrible, delayed burns.

“Guys I’m not a doctor or a chemical engineer, it’s a TikTok it’s not deep OMG ,” she wrote in the comments of her video. “This is why we don’t have nice things! It’s a JOKE.”

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Though she followed up and said she was just joking, other users took her seriously.

“That’s why I almost passed out,” one user said.

“How am I alive,” another wrote.

User @goffgirl666 isn’t even the only person to spread this rumor — @jazzy04 also made a similar post that shocked their followers.

“That’s not how it works but it’s still funny,” one commenter said.

A public health expert confirmed to Metro that there is no evidence to suggest the mustard gas rumor is true.

Lou Birkett, a hair salon co-founder, also told the outlet that although peeing in the shower would save water, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

You won’t create mustard gas, but you could harm your skin with bleach, which is an irritant.

Just rinse your hair out in the sink.

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