Is TikTok’s beloved ‘peel and reveal’ lip stain actually worth it?

A trendy new “peel and reveal” lip stain is going viral on TikTok, but is it really worth its salt? 

You’ve probably seen the videos on beauty TikTok already. All the clips are the same: a makeup-wearer slathers on a coat of a purple metallic lip mask, then peels it off to reveal pink, plump lips. The product in question? The Wonderskin Wonder Blading Peel & Reveal Lip Color Kit, which promises high pigment, transfer-proof lip color. 

The lip mask is supposed to create a peelable film that, once removed, leaves long-lasting color. Watch as In The Know’s Lisa Azcona tests out the product and find out why she’s not exactly impressed. 

“Before you even apply the product, you want to make sure your lips are clean and exfoliated,” Lisa explains. “This will ensure the best results and an even distribution of the products on your lips.”

Lisa makes sure to thoroughly cleanse her lips with a scrub to remove any excess dead skin to make for a smooth canvas. 

“Next, apply two to three coats of the lip mask just like you would a regular lipgloss,” she says. “I’m using the shade Darling.” 

She leaves the lip mask on for about 10 to 45 seconds. The longer the mask is on, the bolder your lip color will be. 

“Then spritz the lip activator one to two times, four inches away from your lips,” Lisa says. “This will ultimately transform the lip mask into a peel-off film.” 

Lisa peels off the film, starting at the outer corner of her lips. But it wasn’t easy. She has to use the Wonder Blading wipe-away towel to get off the rest of the product. 

“I absolutely love the color of the lip stain,” Lisa says. “But I’m not gonna lie, that felt like a lot more than I am willing to do when I am getting ready.” 

The lip mask was also difficult to remove, especially at the corners of her lips. 

“Currently, my lips feel dry and they sort of burn a bit,” she explains. “There was also a weird tingling sensation throughout the entire process.” 

As far as it being transfer-proof? It doesn’t pass Lisa’s napkin test either. While the kit might be a fun science experiment, it’s not really more practical than just wearing a regular old lip stain. 

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