Peet Montzingo advocates for little people through his TikTok videos

For a long time, Peet Montzingo thought his band was going to be his full time career.

He and his group, 5WEST, started gaining traction in 2019 and have been on three tours since then. But since the start of the pandemic, all of the traveling and performing had to be put on hold.

Montzingo credits the timing for how he became so popular on TikTok. As of now, he has 6.4 million followers and racks up hundreds of thousands of views on his uploads.

“I just wanted to do something more for my career,” he explained to In The Know. “I just didn’t think it would get to the point that it would be at now.”

Montzingo describes his early TikTok videos as “cringy AF” but he started to gain some serious traction when he went home to visit his mom in Los Angeles after touring stopped.

“Growing up in a family of all [little people], I’m the only average height member of my family,” Montzingo said. “I’m the youngest but I also outgrew everybody by the time I was like 10.”


this will always feel like home to me🥰 @queenmamadrama #mom #son #little

♬ Send Me on My Way – Guy Meets Girl

A lot of what makes Montzingo’s videos so successful is their relatability — like when he showed that he could hide things like Oreos on the top shelves so that his parents or older siblings couldn’t ever get to them.

His mom, Vicki, is also in on the fun. Montzingo joked that sometimes it’s clear she’s wondering how much longer she has to film with him — but overall, she loves participating in the videos.

“I like having my mom in my videos because I know, low key, she loves it,” he said. “She will not admit it.”

On a more serious note, Montzingo also started a TikTok series where he brings awareness about little people. Sometimes he’ll sit down with his mom and ask her questions about how she feels in certain situations or moments when she feels judged. His goal is to figure out a light-hearted way to educate people.


i actually get this question all the time so hope this helps!!! @queenmamadrama #little

♬ Pennies From Heaven – Louis Prima

“People want to laugh and then learn something,” he said. “Knowing that my content is making a difference is really reassuring … It makes me feel like what I’m doing is worth it.”

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