Penmanship pro’s mirror handwriting is so satisfying to watch

Lauren Dickinson of Emerald Ink Design has amassed a following of over 324,000 on TikTok. Her handwriting videos have an oddly satisfying appeal that viewers can’t resist. Whether you’re a fan of lettering or need something visually soothing, Dickinson has got you covered.

Each of her videos is pretty simple. Using a white marker, Dickinson writes cursive phrases on her mirror. 


I can’t get this song out of my head… what’s a word you like to write in cursive? #fyp #satisfying #aesthetic #foryou #handwriting #cursive #xyzbca

♬ original sound – mischalet

“I can’t get this song out of my head… what’s a word you like to write in cursive?” she captioned one video. 

Dickinson then writes the word “humming” in lowercase script. Watching her seamlessly write each letter without ever lifting her hand away from the mirror is just striking. Moreover, viewers never know what word she’s going to write. Seeing the process completed is just, well, satisfying. 

“I thought you were writing hummus… I swear I am not even hungry or bored!” one person wrote

In her most popular video with over 656,000 views, the artist does the “minimum challenge.” 


That was satisfying… been seeing this one and wanted to give it a try! #fyp #challenge #minimum #minimumchallenge #foryou #handwriting #lettering

♬ minimum challenge – itmehelo

“Here’s a new challenge for you TikTok. Duet this video and then write the word ‘minimum’ with your best handwriting. See how satisfying it is,” a male voiceover says.

Dickinson completes the task with ease. Perhaps the allure is the repetition of the curves in each letter. After all, her second most popular TikTok is of the similar word “aluminum.” 


Here’s another satisfying word to write in cursive! What’s yours? Like and follow for more! #fyp #satisfying #lettering #aesthetic #foryou #cursive

♬ Boom Bababom Pow – officialbearr

“I watched this at least 40 times,” one person wrote

“Oh my gosh! You have beautiful handwriting!” a user commented

“Oh my that was flawless,” another said

Dickinson launched her business Emerald Ink Design in 2016. Catalyzed by her “passion for penmanship” she works with local businesses to create custom ads, signs and murals. 

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