Pennsylvania-based influencer and college student shares tearful rant about ‘always struggling in school’: ‘My brain is just not meant for school’

One influencer has united TikTok with a tearful rant about her difficulty with school.

Pennsylvania-based college student Fiona Jordan (@fionajordan277) posted a video for her 470,000 followers where she candidly shared that she’s “always struggling in school.”

“I hate when I can’t understand something,” she began. “Like it gets me so upset. I f****** hate when I struggle in school, and I’ve always struggled in school. It always takes me a little bit more help to understand. My brain is just not meant for school. I’m a very creative person. I love art, and I love colors. And I don’t learn school-wise.”

In an effort to do better in one class, she sees a tutor every week.

“At the end of our session, he was like, ‘OK, like we can meet again next week on Wednesday and Friday. And I started getting really upset for no reason,” she explains. “And he was just like, ‘Oh, are you OK?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I just get really frustrated when I do this.'”

Fiona says it is even more disheartening because it comes easier to other kids.

“It just gets me mad. I take this class with all these kids, and it just clicks for them. And I just can’t understand it for the life of me,” she says.

“from an educator: you’re smart, you are a learner, and you care enough to try and fail. Because of that you are succeeding”

Since her viral post four days ago, Fiona’s video has received more than 16,000 comments. Many TikTok users, including teachers, have provided words of comfort and reassurance.

“As a teacher, just know that we value you for your creativity and all the other things you are great at. learning shouldn’t be linear!” one user said.

“Take your time girl! I felt the struggle! Try rewriting your notes in colors since you love being colorful and creative!!!” another suggested.

“from an educator: you’re smart, you are a learner, and you care enough to try and fail,” one commenter said. “Because of that you are succeeding.”

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