People are just now noticing dummies in the background of ‘Glee’ scenes

If you made it through all six seasons of “Glee,” or literally any episode at all, you might have noticed your fair share of weird moments. Any show about singing and dancing teenagers was bound to have them, of course.

One fan just noticed something unusual in the background of one scene that involves an audience — a number of dummies seated alongside real-life actors.

TikTok user kellysipos shared a video of her finding.



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“THIS NEEDS TO BE SEEN. IM TERRIFIED. RYAN MURPHY EXPLAIN,” she wrote in her caption, calling out the show’s creator.

Many commenters were also shocked.

“Mannequins are my irrational fear so … I’m scared now,” one user wrote.

“LMAO how did I not notice,” another said.

Others devised their own theories.

“Pretty sure the budget for this show all went to Mr shuesters hair products,” one commenter wrote.

“That was actually was a test for a spinoff for ‘Wax Horror Story,’ Ryan was actually testing things out but it never got picked up,” another joked.

A few skeptics explained that the dummy trick actually isn’t that unusual at all.

“They always did this for competition episodes bc i guess they couldn’t get enough extras to fill all the seats. A lot of movies and tv shows do this,” one person explained.

“They also did it in the office too. It’s just hard to find,” another wrote.

One thing is for sure — this has us weirdly nostalgic for the days before social distancing guidelines took effect. Remember crowds?

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