People are weirded out by this video of this sunflower head being eaten like corn on the cob

A Missouri seed company is turning heads with a video that shows how to eat a grilled sunflower head like corn on the cob.

On August 11, Mansfield-based Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company shared an approximately one-minute tutorial on how to grill and eat a sunflower head.

According to the company, the first step is — unsurprisingly — picking a sunflower. Once the seeds have formed and the shells are soft, the flowers should then be removed. Afterwards, the head should be coated with oil (which can be taken from a jar of sun-dried tomatoes) before being placed face down on a grill over medium heat. Once the head is covered and cooked for five minutes, it can be covered in the tomatoes and chopped basil.

The company’s video ends with a woman eating the sunflower head as if it were corn on the cob — an unusual sight for even the most passionate foodie. The clip has since received 1.3 million views and more than 3,000 comments, many from those who couldn’t fathom the sight of a cooked sunflower head.

“I love sunflower seeds but I never even thought about eating them like that,” one person wrote. “I eat them ‘ripe’/black straight out of the sunflower. They taste like ones in a bag but fresh. Not roasted and salted. As kids we would steal them from people’s gardens.”

“Wow I may have to try this,” another simply quipped.

“Well knock me over with a feather!!” a third wrote. “I had no idea!!”

So, readers, would you try this recipe or would you pass?

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