People cannot believe this woman spent that much on an Erewhon bag: ‘Are y’all okay in LA’

As any Angeleno knows — that is, the people of Los Angeles — there is an upscale supermarket that thrives among us. That supermarket is Erewhon.

Erewhon, which is actually an anagram for “nowhere,” has eight locations all in Los Angeles County. The supermarket prides itself on being “a community of people who are united in our love for pure products that protect the health of people and our planet.” That being said, some of their prices in comparison to other grocery stores are quite high.

TikTok user @fuhlex, a Los Angeles resident, purchased an item that many commenters say isn’t worth the money.

“I knew Erewhon was boujee but I definitely underestimated the boujeeness… I bought two drinks. Ten dollars. And they were like, ‘Do you need a bag?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, can I have the reusable shopping bag?'”

The price took her by immediate surprise.

“And then she scanned it and it was fifty dollars. And, you know, of course I’m like too embarrassed to be like ‘put it back’ or like not buy it so I bought it.”

She lifts up the terracotta-colored tote bag.

“I bought it,” she winces. “And it cost more than everything else I bought.”

“That bag better magically refill itself with groceries at that price”

TikTokers are in utter disbelief at not just the price of the bag, but the fact that this woman followed through with purchasing it.

“$50?! For that H*** NO take that felt bag back lol,” said @stopcyber_mm.

“The workers aren’t owners of erewhon lol, they prob make closer to minimum wage, so I’m sure they’ll understand,” wrote @dabootywizard.

“Are y’all okay in LA,” wrote @fightorflight.

“That bag better magically refill itself with groceries at that price,” said @anne….marie.

If the price of an item exceeds your expectation, remember that you don’t have to buy it. If you do, you may end up with an arguably overpriced tote bag.

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