8 perfect beer and food pairings

Whether it’s watching a game, going out with friends or hosting a BBQ, beer and food go well together. If you’re a beer drinker, foods that pair best with your sudsy beverage of choice are real game changers. Here are eight beers and their perfect food pairings, according to the Brewers Association

1. Blonde ale

Popular blonde ales have a light-bodied taste that go well with lighter dishes like salads, salmon or a chicken pesto dish. Cheese-wise, blonde ale pairs well with mild and herby cheeses like Fontina. 

2. India pale ale (IPA)

A craft beer connoisseur’s dream, IPAs pair well with bolder and spicier foods like pork chops, sausages, deep-fried meats and french fries. These flavorful foods won’t let the IPA’s strong taste overwhelm the dish. 

3. Stout

A stout and oyster combination is one of the most classic beer pairings. The crisp taste from the beer mixes well with the briny oysters and draws out more complex flavors. Stouts also pair well with foie gras, gouda, and chocolate truffles! 

4. Pilsner

Pilsners pair well with lighter foods like chicken, salmon and salads. If you have a sweet tooth, stick to lighter desserts like lemon shortbread or fresh berries.

5. Hefeweizen

Next time you sit down with a hefeweizen, consider ordering some sushi, clams, scallops or lobster. If you’re not a seafood person, goat cheese and strawberry shortcake are two sweeter alternatives. 

6. German Oktoberfest 

Yes, Oktoberfest is a beer festival in Germany, but it’s also a type of beer, also known as Maerzen and Festbier, that people enjoy at said festival. The classic German Oktoberfest beer’s peppery hops actually pair well with hearty, spicy food like many Mexican dishes, as well as spicy jalapeño jack cheese. Smoked pork chops, sausages and chicken work as a more traditional German pairing. 

7. Amber ale

Amber ales pair well with grilled meats like burgers, BBQ chicken and sausage. However, amber ale is quite versatile and can pair just as well with tacos and seafood. If you don’t know which drink to bring to your next tailgate, you’ll be safe with an amber ale.

8. American brown ale

American brown ales feature warm, nutty malt tones that pair well with pork or steak. You also can’t go wrong with a Dutch Gouda, which will contrast the cocoa powder and caramel flavors of the beer nicely.

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